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Natural Stone Lamps & Candleholders

Small Cairn Lamp

Cairn Lamps Named for the cairn rock trail markers on Maine hiking trails. Lamp stones are carefully stacked, scribed and then precisely ground so they fit together perfectly. Each Cairn Lamp includes a natural handmade paper shade to complement the stones. These lamps are thru-bolted for a very secure and handsome lamp.

Available in 3 sizes:

Small $260
(approx. 15" tall)

Large $375
(approx. 20" tall)

Medium $325 (not shown)
approx. 17" tall

Tall Cairn Lamp

Our "Solid" Stone Lamps
Our stone lamps provide a unique accent for your decor.  Handmade shades are textured paper with natural tree needles, flower petals, and/or leaves interspersed throughout the paper.

Available in 3 sizes :
Solid Granite Lamp
Sizes to top rim of shade 14 - 16"~ $160.00   •   Large 16 - 18" ~ $195.00
We can make them larger! Please call.

Balance Rock Lamp Balance Rock
Similar to the above cairn Rock Lamps but with a very cool offset look.

Small Balance Rock Lamp ~ $295
(5 stone stack) approx. 15" high

Tall Balance Rock Lamp ~ $425
(7 stone stack) approx. 17" high

Sculpture Lamp
These are larger,
more provocative
art type pieces
— please call for pricing.
We'll make it for you!
Sculpture Lamp

Stone Candleholders and Oil Lamps Stone Candle Holders / Oil Lamps
Holders are available as:
  • Votive style with 1.5" candle ~ $28
  • Oil Lamp with burner, wick & funnel (each fill lasts 3.5 hrs. ) ~ $32
  • Holder for 7/8 inch taper candles
Single ~ $16
Double ~ $32

Hurricane Lamps
You'll love these when the power goes out! Oil Lamp with high quality glass chimney. 4" to 6" diameter stone includes burner, wick, funnel and chimney which is fine handblown glass. Uses standard candle-lamp oil, each fill lasts about 3.5 hours.

One Size ~ $55
Hurricane Lamps

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